Reverence: Reawakening

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Reverence: Reawakening

By: Duralle S. Hare


About the Book

Reverence: Reawakening follows a young, fallen angel who must endure a series of trials in order to maintain her position in the heavens. Throughout this story, she struggles to process an overflow of information, emotions, and revelations she was not prepared for. Duralle S. Hare hopes this story encourages people to remain strong and press on, even when life gets confusing and difficult to keep up with.

About the Author

Growing up, Duralle S. Hare watched a lot of cartoons and anime, and spent a majority of the time reading fiction. As Hare got older, he decided to write stories of his own, so he could entertain people and make them think about the challenges we face in life.

Hare attended a Baptist church for the majority of his life, leading to a great understanding of the faith he practices. Though he would never claim to know everything, he has learned a lot from meeting and interacting with people from several different walks of life. 


(2023, paperback, 320 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review