Release: The Phoenix Trilogy

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Release: The Phoenix Trilogy

By: Monica-Grace Mukendi


About the Book

Release is a collection of poetry for the millions of people who appear to have everything together when really they feel like falling apart on the inside. Release is for the many girls who are beginning their metamorphosis into adulthood will find themselves represented in the raw and powerful prose pertaining to life, mental health, growth, death, rebirth and most importantly exploring a relationship with God. Through her insightful poetry, young girls and women will be reunited with the little girl in them and learn to love her, embrace her and validate those emotions through healthy artistic expression.

About the Author

Monica-Grace Mukendi is a young creative writer born in the Congo and raised in the Bronx. She loves the arts, literature, and Jesus. She can be found reading, painting, or enjoying nature in all its forms, waterfalls, sunsets, and greenery. Mukendi is passionate about making a difference in the world using the many gifts God has given her to connect with and inspire others. Along with writing, she is the co-host of a podcast titled WhoseWeAre available on all platforms. 


(2023, paperback, 82 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review