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Reading Between the Lines
by Barb Propst Toews

Reading Between the Lines is a potpourri of many little and big bits and pieces of life! It is a celebration of goodness, of faith, of the common ordinary everyday experiences and happenings one has, of walking with a loving God, of people, places and events. It speaks of life in all its fullness.

Questions are asked, emotions felt, observations thought about, connections and plays on words made, and significance given to a great variety of subjects. Being alert and alive to all around us cuts out any boredom!

Sit down to enjoy a few at a time – you can always come back again for more! These wee writings are meant to bless and encourage you as you live your life to the fullest!

About the Author:

Barb Propst Toews was born and grew up in a big, happy family in Kenya, East Africa. Her dad was a medical doctor there for many years. She loved growing up there and returned as an elementary schoolteacher for some years. Then she married and moved to Canada, where she and her pilot-mechanic husband presently reside, in Alberta. They have two adult kids – a son and a daughter. No wonder Barb’s writings cover a big range of subjects, as one needs to know some things about a lot of things to be an elementary teacher and mom!

(2017, eBook)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review