Raw Teeth

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by James Patrick Ferguson James Patrick Fergusons collection of poetry provides a glimpse into deep thoughts and emotions about natural occurrences. The poetry may reveal one thing on the surface, yet it hides a more profound meaning. In Night Walk, the author speaks of the confines of darkness: But night is a collar
That will not loosen its grip,
Tighter and tighter
Until the darkness finds
One fat moon tugging
At the end of its leash.
The author strings together words in a unique way in the poem Dream Sequence: Stunned by the shapes
That flare behind my lids
I sit up in my bed
And listen to a moth
Pounding the pane to be out.
In Soiled Crew, Ferguson writes about how an older person may see a clearer picture than the same person in the past: The dreams of youth
Are like some blinding fog,
Morning myths that fly upwards
Stranding white to burn in the naked moon.
James Fergusons book may appeal to those who enjoy the freedom of poetic verses. It also shows us things may be a little different beneath the surface. ABOUT THE AUTHOR James Ferguson was born in San Diego, California June 2, 1947 and moved to El Cajon, California in 1951. He graduated from Grossmont High School, then proceeded to study English at San Diego State University. After graduating from University of Southern California law school, he and a partner began their own firm in San Diego. He was always fond of the ocean; his writing and music were always important to him. He had two children: Kelly and Scott Ferguson. He died October 23, 2003 in Encinitas, California. (2008, paperback, 44 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review