Ravin' at the Moon

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Ravin' at the Moon

by Stephen Crane Kidwell

About the Book/Author

Stephen Crane Kidwell assumed his present incarnation on Friday the thirteenth of nineteen forty three, the only red-haired, blue-eyed child in an otherwise dark-haired, dark eyed family,. As Tom Robbins so aptly pointed out in Still Life With Woodpecker, all redheads emanate from the planet Argon and the along with his birthday probably explains most everything you need to know about him (The way to tell if someone is Argonian is to get up real close to them and take a discreet whiff. If you can distinctly detect the odor of cantaloupe, youve found one). He still has a day job in Texas but spends as much time as he can at his home in the Florida Keys where he is working on his second book, Backseat Driver.

(2021, paperback, 272 pages)



(No reviews yet) Write a Review