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Pooka Bug and Pig

By: R. Roberson Newman


About the Book

Pooka Bug and Ham, a lady bug and pig on a farm, are an unlikely friendly duo. Their friendship shows that a real friend can be found anywhere and at any time. Friends can also be found in unusual circumstances, which teaches us about the willingness to help others and ability to trust.

About the Author

R. Roberson Newman educated children from preschool to third grade for eight years. She also spent eighteen years advocating as a marketing liaison and events coordinator in the senior living and health field. Newman is a mentor and ordained associate minister. She volunteers at the local soup kitchen and assists families through difficult times. Newman is the president of the SIIE (Strong to Encourage) foundation, which was created in honor of her son and gives scholarships to students majoring in art or English.


(2023, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review