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Paradox Lake of Memory

By: Kate Johns Walton


About the Book

A memoir about a fascinating lake in the Adirondack Mountains and how its complex geological origins and eclectic social history impacted a family’s life, Paradox Lake of Memory is also  about how gender shapes history.

            Delving into Paradox Lake’s billion-year-old origins, its pre-colonial history, and raising up its Mohawk back story, within is a tale of great privilege, great loss, and serendipitous discovery. 

            Celebrate the women who made significant contributions to its historical development, especially a place known as Camp Nawita, a marvelous sanctuary for Jewish girls built in 1925 that morphed into a family compound still thriving today.


About the Author

Kate Johns Walton received her BA from Goddard College in Vermont and a master’s degree in Education from George Washington University in D.C. Walton worked at the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard and has traveled extensively in Africa. Her later career exemplified community engagement while serving in leadership capacities at three human service agencies over the course of her career. 

            Born and raised in New Haven Connecticut, Kate Walton is the daughter of a Yale geologist whose research at the time focused on the Paradox Lake Quadrangle in upstate New York. She has two adult children and five wonderful grandchildren and looks forward to further exploring her family’s American experience, which started here in 1628.


(2022, paperback, 264 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review