Paper Messages: Volume One

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Paper Messages: Volume One
by Andrea Buffert, Rn

Paper Messages: Volume One is poet Andrea Buffert, Rns latest collection of real life experiences crafted into poems. Within the pages of Paper Messages, Buffert touches upon the emotions of the everyday, the process of aging, even the all-American holiday traditions of Thanksgiving. She also addresses the emotional experiences and aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, which Buffert witnessed first-hand as an on-duty lead Registered Nurse in New Orleans.

About the Author:

Andrea Buffert, Rn is happily married with two daughters. She loves her family dearly and they are an integral part of her life.

Buffert is a registered nurse. She was on duty during Hurricane Katrina in late August of 2005. The emotional intensity of the experience amplified her desire to write. Within Paper Messages, the poem Katrina is the poetic expression of her real life experience of the hurricane and the aftermath of the storm.

(2016, Paperback, 44 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review