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One Jungle Night: A Vanishing: Three Short Stories

By: Leo Hill


About the Book

…a terrifying night in the jungle… a ghostly vigilante roaming the dark Los Angeles streets after nightfall… a mysterious intruder infiltrating Boston’s tallest building during winter at the height of a viral pandemic… an international corporate conglomerate with a sinister American agenda… and a family tormented by the death of a dearly-loved uncle in a tragic motorcycle accident.

One Jungle Night: A Vanishing is a trilogy of three short stories that navigates through a web of crime intrigue mystery and suspense while capturing the afflictive strain of grief and loss and drawing both friends and foes into a mystical shadowy world between the living and the dead!

About the Author

Leo Hill is Bob Managbanag. He first used the pen name as a member of the Greenville University writing club “The Scriblerus”. He is a hospice spiritual/grief counselor and an ordained minister of the Free Methodist Church. He lives in Los Angeles with the loves of his life: wife Renee and children Emma Olivia Megan and Matthew. He also loves his work family at Roze Room Hospice and the pastors/churches of the Free Methodist Church in Southern California.


(2023, eBook)


(7 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Official Online Book Club Review

    Posted by Online Book Club on Jan 30th 2024

    Following is an official review of "One Jungle Night: A Vanishing" by Leo Hill.] 5 out of 5 stars One Jungle Night: A Vanishing by Leo Hill contains three distinct but intertwined stories, which are One Jungle Night: A Vanishing, Dragon Rider: A Haunting, and The Sixty-ninth Floor: A Reckoning. The book follows four remarkable people who have known the same loss and grief. Each gets caught in a dangerous situation and involved in a world of crime, backstabbing, and treachery. But then, the seemingly impossible happens, leaving everyone stunned and questioning just how far love goes. The stories in this book are brief, but the author gives the reader the whole experience of crime, thriller, and mystery in these short stories. Each story starts in the present and spans less than a day. The most admirable feature of this book is that the author creates a backstory for each short story, revealing the past events without completely taking the reader away from the present or adding unnecessary scenes to the stories. In the same way, he gives hints about what the future holds for each character. The reader can see how each one handles grief and traumatic experiences. This is my favorite thing about the book. The pacing is fast. Each story starts in the middle of a scene and picks up from there immediately, maintaining the same fast pace till the end. It gives the book a thrilling feel. The author packs so much activity into each short story without overwhelming the reader. Only a few of the characters had any actual development in the book, but the ones who developed significantly impacted the book. Their resilience and bravery were palpable, and their emotions were vivid. In the case of the four cousins, you could feel their love for their uncle, how it drove them, and the mixed feelings of pain and relief from their encounters with him. You could also feel the love reciprocated by the uncle even when no words were spoken. The stories had so many surprising twists; no part was predictable. Nothing was what it seemed, and nobody was who they appeared to be. When it seemed I had wholly understood the stories, more revelations would come out. Eventually, I gave up trying to figure out what would happen because it was evident the author would keep surprising me. The book appeared to be professionally edited. I enjoyed the book, and I found nothing to dislike about it. Therefore, I’d rate it 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it to lovers of thriller, crime, and mystery short stories. ******

  • 4
    Interesting Short Story Book

    Posted by S.J. Main on Oct 12th 2023

    'One Jungle Night ' is an action-adventure story filled with crime and mystery storylines. It consists of three short stories, each to its own stand to be a compelling tale. I recommend this book to those who like short reads and thrilling nature storylines.

  • 5
    On the Edge of My Seat! Creepy!

    Posted by Celeste L. on Oct 12th 2023

    One Jungle Night: A Vanishing: Three Short Stories by Leo Hill is classified as a suspense and thriller type of book. There is definitely suspense, thrill, mystery, and even a sense of horror in these stories. All three were very intriguing and kept me on my toes. I did not read the entire book in one night, but I was easily able to read each story in one sitting. It was too hard to put the story down in the middle anyway. I read one of them at nighttime, and it was definitely a little creepy. If you like to be on the edge of your seat in suspense, then these short stories may be ones that you will enjoy reading.

  • 5
    One Jungle Night: A Vanishing

    Posted by Sol Tyler on Oct 12th 2023

    One Jungle Night: A Vanishing is a trilogy of three short stories. I was definitely not prepared for such wild adventures in these very different crime novels. I consider this book perfect for those with a love of witty mysteries, engaging crime stories, and intriguing twists. The storyline is beautifully told with great skill by author Hill. He showed a clever storytelling ability which is sometimes difficult to find in other authors. I even think this trilogy would make an amazing Netflix series since the plot is catchy and captivating and it always leaves us eager to know a bit more about what would happen next. In my view, this light-hearted detective novel ticks all the boxes and readers with different reading tastes could enjoy it.

  • 5
    A Well-written Book!

    Posted by M.T. on Sep 5th 2023

    A great book! Due to my busy work as a teacher trying to prepare for the school year, I just made it a point to read a little bit of the book whenever I could get a 15-or-so-minute break. Each time I stopped, it gave me excitement to return to the book in my next break! It was like watching episodes of a great TV show! Such a well-written book! Definitely a page turner! I would highly recommend it!

  • 5
    One Jungle Night: A Vanishing

    Posted by Megan S on Aug 31st 2023

    Leo Hill's novel, "One Jungle Night," is a captivating, unexpected “page-turner." The first short story had me on the edge of my seat, and I was fascinated by the plot, albeit a little uneasy, as the author provided a picture of what you might anticipate happening in a jungle at night. Scary!!

  • 4
    One of the Finest!

    Posted by Randy Lewis - Dreambooks Media Professiono on Aug 21st 2023

    This book is 1 if the finest under this category… book rating: 9.1