Never Give Up!: Knowledge is Power - eBook

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Never Give Up!: Knowledge is Power

By: Kailash Gupta


About the Book

Never Give Up! Knowledge is Power is a collection of motivational quotes about empowering others to be the best they can be. Every saying gives the reader insight and motivation to see the world more positively and to do better. Every page gives new motivation to succeed. The message is relevant because everyone (old and young) can benefit from the motivational quotes and ideas found in its pages. The text takes a unique and colorful approach to empowerment and can be beneficial for motivating all ages to make oneself and one’s world better.

About the Author

Kailash Gupta is from a loving family, middle child out of nine, usually the middle one gets lost, but her dad put a lot of confidence in her and she inherited her dad’s business mind also. She has been a successful business lady along with a wife, mother, and a grandmother. She always loved kids and education. In 2018, she established a non-profit organization called Zindagi. This nonprofit organization encourages young children to be more confident and successful in their lives by reading more, writing more and public speaking following Warren Buffett’s examples. Now, in her retirement, she would like to go into writing. This is her first book but hopefully not the last one.


(2023, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review