My Truth Will Outlive a Lie

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My Truth Will Outlive a Lie
by Mrs. Boisterous

Why do people lie? There are so many reasons and so many situations that lead many to cover the truth, but one excuse they make that go at the forefront isthey dont want to hurt the ones they care about or anyone in general.

Mrs. Boisterous, however, has a contrary view. She rather tell the truth. Mrs. Boisterous puts her candid thoughts, personal experiences, and observations in My Truth Will Outlive a Lie, a set of short essays she wrote in Facebook. Her straight-to-the-point arguments about friendship, love, and self-worth are timely messages in a world that is full of pretense and repressed emotions, a world that has broken the moral fiber of society for selfish gain, a world that sow hatred because of insecurities, a world that has traded the good for the bad. This is the real life, this is the truthface it.

(2014, Paperback, 28 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review