Murder in the Val D'Elsa - eBook

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Murder in the Val D'Elsa

By:  David Sellar

About the Book

Mark thought he was going to the Val D'Elsa for a quiet vacation—until his landlord’s murdered body appears on the hood of his rental car. Caught up in the murder investigation, Mark meets the handsome and charming Ispettore Massimo, and his trip takes another unexpected turn.

A combination of travel memories, murder mystery, and romance, Murder in the Val D'Elsa combines the glories of Italy’s Chianti region, the food, the people, the glamour and history.

About the Author

David Sellar is a recovering travelholic and is permanently planning his next trip. He is a dual Australian/American citizen currently based in Austin, Texas.

(2022, eBook)                                                                                                                                                               


(No reviews yet) Write a Review