Mrs. Rankin's Cat

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Mrs. Rankin's Cat
by Le Jeune Pershing Partrick

Mrs. Rankin had a cat
and a fine Cat was she
She was a beautiful Cat, a magnificent Cat
as magnificent as a Cat can be

So begins the heart warming and witty poem Mrs. Rankins Cat by Le Jeune Pershing Partrick. Inspired by a poem called Caseys Goat, which Partrick read in his youth, the poet set out to honor the immortal feline in verse, choosing his sisters black housecat as the protagonist of this mini-epic. The poem, Partrick will tell you, is written to be entertaining, informative, and humorous and is accompanied by the poem The Golden Years, a comedic take on life after retirement.

About the Author: Le Jeune Pershing Partrick has been writing poetry for sixty years, with some of the poems providing copy for childrens books. He is now retired after a lifetime of odd jobs and lives in Washington, north of Seattle.

(2015, Paperback, 38 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review