Moe the Hero Meets a New Friend

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Moe the Hero Meets a New Friend

By: Krystal Dukes


About the Book

Moe the Hero is a very spirited four-year-old full of life. She’s always up for an adventure, but first she has to grab her cape! With her cape on, she becomes a superhero and can tackle her fears head on. With every new adventure, Moe may be afraid, like when she meets a new friend for the first time, but when Moe believes in herself (and gets a little help from Mom), she can achieve anything.


About the Author

Krystal Dukes has known she has a passion for education and inspiring children since her senior year of high school, which led her to start a career in early childhood eduction, teaching children from age 2 to pre-kindergarten.

            It was in the classroom that Krystal noticed that children learn from stories that are relatable to their lives.

            Krystal is also an advocate for low-income communities, and her goal is to share relatable stories for all children. Krystal and her husband have one daughter and one son.


(2022, hardback, 18 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review