Mission and Message to Earth

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Mission and Message to Earth
by Neibourig Planet

This is merely just a report for the mission accomplished and only a heading of every issue is mentioned. Every heading can be explained by writing books of over hundreds of pages as others do. For example, the basics of human life are based on positive and honest thinking, talking, and acting. Now for these three basics, one can write over hundreds of pages. If you do not have Army and military establishments on your globe, imagine what the savings in spending would be. It could exceed one half of the total of your global annual budget and release of human working resources.

Over two years of young people full of energy and their blooming times, this doesnt conclude to this but it needs hundreds of pages to go into all the details and the very corner of the subject.

About the Author

Neibourig Planet lives in Glendale, California. He is retired.

(2012, paperback, 30 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review