Me a Schizophrenic?

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Me a Schizophrenic?

by Wanda Y. Lewis


Me a Schizophrenic? delves into the mind of Wanda, a woman diagnosed with schizophrenia as she struggles to decipher the world around. Throughout her thirty-year ordeal with the affliction, Wanda becomes alienated from her friends, family, and co-workers as the line between reality and her own imagination becomes blurred. A raw and uncensored account, Wanda’s story reveals what it truly feels like to be told not to trust your own mind.


About the Author

Wanda Y. Lewis graduated from a Historically Black University with a degree in Religious Studies and Psychology. She resides in Virginia with her father and brother. She likes to read in her spare time.


(2022, paperback, 44 pages)


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review