Master of the Spirit: The Omega

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Master of the Spirit: The Omega
by Christine Napier

Mani Davis is a rock star. Lulu Ren is the girl next door. When ancestry and tradition claim their fate, their lives collide in a mystical world, where spirits and dragons define their future. As they fight to defend Mani's post as Master of Spirits, they risk a love they never dreamed possible.

About the Author: Christine Napier describes her career in healthcare as "all-too-real" reality. As a result, her creative interests have come full circle in the fantasy novel Master of the Spirit.

"My hope is that my readers enjoy the fun of fiction in a world of many realities," she said." Deep down, we all have the strength to overcome lifes greatest challenges."

Napier is a longtime Michigan resident who is working on an associate degree. When she is not reading, studying, or writing novels, she enjoys spending time outdoors.

(2015, Paperback, 130 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review