Maggie Sue Hopkins

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Maggie Sue Hopkins

By: J.C. Clayton


About the Book

When Maggie Sue Hopkins gets caught up in the vicious biker gang known as the Badgers, who destroy her little hometown of Dewey, the townspeople assume she was a part of the destruction, and she is forced to flee. On her journey, she stumbles upon a military base, and in an attempt to not be arrested for trespassing, Maggie pretends to be a new recruit, and she is sent off to basic training. As the weeks go by, Maggie realizes that the military life might be for her, and she decides to change her life for the better, in hopes of one day returning home…


About the Author

J.C. Clayton resides in Greenwood, Arkansas. He is an author and philanthropist. Chastain has been employed as a maintenance worker for Greenwood Public Schools for over 28 years, and he hopes to continue serving young people through his writing.


(2022, paperback, 38 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review