Love, Deception, Murder and Secrets

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Love, Deception, Murder, and Secrets
by Nadine Burroughs Jamison

Who do you turn to when life gets stormy? For Choc, Cheryl, Val, Lavern, and Barb, the answer is, time and again, each other.

Love, Deception, Murder and Secrets follows these five women, bound together in childhood by terrifying and painful secrets, through their passions and problems: an illicit, interracial love affair, an abusive marriage, the stirrings of a new sexual identity, and tragedy. The bonds forged in their childhood are challenged again and again. Facing these onslaughts, can their sisterhood survive?

About the Author

A native of Philadelphia, Nadine Burroughs Jamison began writing at the age of nine, reading her first story to her sisters and knowing from the expression on their faces and the reaction in their voices that she had found her calling. When not writing, she is an instructor of theatrical arts, cooking, and arts and crafts, and is a mother of six. She currently resides with her husband, Bill, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

(2010, paperback, 286 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review