Louella the Big Hairy Dog Makes a Friend - eBook

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Louella the Big Hairy Dog Makes a Friend

By: Linda Listro Bodfish


About the Book

Louella the Big Hairy Dog Makes a Friend follows Louella, an adventurous and kind Irish Wolfhound, on a very relatable journey: where do we fit in, and who are our friends? Louella is on an important quest to find a pal - someone she can rely on for sunny-day adventures and rainy-day comfort, who will accept her exactly as she is.

Even though Louella meets many different personalities on her search for companionship, not everyone she encounters is ready for the type of friendship she's seeking. Some are unpredictable, and some are downright unfriendly! But Louella keeps her chin up and her heart open, and is finally rewarded when she meets her new best friend, Lucy the turtle.

Louella the Big Hairy Dog Makes a Friend shares valuable lessons on self-worth and acceptance while reminding us that true friends will support us rain or shine - and come into our lives in ways we often don't expect!


(2023, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review