LIZZY: Queen Lizzy and Her French Angel Court

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LIZZY: Queen Lizzy and Her French Angel Court

By: Margaret Vogelsang


About the Book

The purpose of these books in the Under the Sea Series is a process of Margaret Vogelsang´s years doing research underwater. This is to create an awareness for children to understand how important our lives and those of nature are tied together for the wellbeing of our Planet Earth. 


The paintings are Margaret´s inspiration, which she personally created over the past 30 years living in the Florida Keys. It is her hope that the next generations will love and take care of our marine life as she has tried.


About the Author

As a registered nurse who spent 38 years assisting in labor and delivery, Margaret Vogelsang has had thousands of newborns in her care. She has worked with Brian LaPointe, Ph.D., world−renowned Marine Biologist and Professor in the Keys for over 30 years. He has inspired her to become involved, and she is so glad she did.


(2022, hardback, 18 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review