Into the Vortex of Fire: A Story of Honor, Valor, Courage, Sacrifice, and Remembrance

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Into the Vortex of Fire: A Story of Honor, Valor, Courage, Sacrifice, and Remembrance

By: James H. Lamason with Gerard E. Mayers FORWARD by Scott Mingus, Sr. MAPS by Bradley M. Gottfried

About the Book

“It is… the stories of the men who were there, those who came back and those who never would, that from the backbone of this work. Author Jim Lamason, long a friend, and collaborator Gerry Mayers (co-author of our book of human interest stories of the Irish in the Civil War) tell the story of one man from New Jersey and his comrades who sweated, toiled, and bled at Gettysburg. This book is a fitting tribute to the sons of New Jersey whose lives were forever changed in the fields that we now know as the Gettysburg National Military Park.” - Scott Mingus, Sr. 

Memorial stained glass window to the officers and men of the Eleventh Regiment, New Jersey Volunteer Infantry, at the Westminster Presbyterian Church, in Phillipsburg, New Jersey. Window was commissioned by the Rev. E. Clarke Cline, former regimental chaplain of the Eleventh NJ Volunteer Infantry and pastor of the church.

(2021, hardback, 168 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review