Illusion Confusion: Girl of My Dreams

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Illusion Confusion: Girl of My Dreams

By: CPO Bill Sneed, USN (RET) DAV


About the Book

Illusion Confusion was written as a dream, a vision. It combines author CPO Bill Sneed’s military experiences in Vietnam and all the horrors of war that went along with it, and the unique way he met the girl of his dreams, who would become his wife.

Read Illusion Confusion and see how Sneed found love in the midst of the perils of warfare.

About the Author

CPO Bill Sneed, USN (RET) DAV is retired from the Navy (twenty years) and was also in the combat zone of Desert Storm at age fifty with the Navy's Military Sealift Command. Afterward he was a sheriff's deputy for six years and a police officer for two years, both in the Reserve.

Sneed enjoys retired life by reading, especially about the Vietnam War, and writing. He and his wife, Charlotte, have three children, who have blessed them with eight grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Charlotte is a retired RN, and she delivered their first grandchild since her main job in nursing had been Labor & Delivery. The couple recently celebrated their 55th anniversary!

Although they both have Parkinson's, Sneed and his wife pray for further years to continue enjoying their large family.


(2023, hardback, 176 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review