I Just Want to Play!: Dedicated to My Son, Chase

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I Just Want to Play!: Dedicated to My Son, Chase

By: Nikkita Bailes


About the Book

All children should be treated with care, love, and understanding. Our children are just small people who crave attention, but it sometimes comes out in the wrong way. Adults should mold them, actively listen, and connect more so they won’t be lost and influenced by negative people or situations. Education should be fun and exciting at this young age. If kids are hyperactive, why is medication the first solution to the problem? If kids learn slowly or have a short attention span they shouldn't be labeled, categorized, or treated less than. “I Just Want to Play!”, encourages everyone to listen a little harder to understand what children are telling us even if it is not through verbal communication.


About the Author

Nikkita Bailes was born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi. She has two children; a daughter who is now 22 years of age and recently graduated Magna Cum Laude from a prestigious HBCU and a son who’s 15 that just entered high school. She has been through many trying times and believes her mother is where her strength comes from. Unfortunately, she lost her mother in 2017. Her children help her wake up every day and push forward toward being a better person and a better example. She would like all children to have a chance and be appreciated. She was quiet when she was young and did not say much. She felt alone, so she believes even if children are silent, we should listen more because there might be underlying issues that haven’t surfaced yet.
She and her children are a team that’s growing together yet individually and maintaining an understanding through simple, truthful, communication and respect.


(2022, paperback, 30 pages)

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