Hunting - What Else

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Hunting - What Else
by Dipl. Ing. FH Michael A Engster

Travel the world with Michael A. Engster and seek adventure in the wilderness of four different continents! A world-class hunter, the author shares stories of his expeditions spanning three decades. Youll follow along as Mike and his compatriots stalk blue wildebeest in Africa, roe deer in Germany, and water buffalo in Argentina.

One part travelogue, one part narrative adventure, and one part autobiography, Hunting - What Else will take you on a romantic journey to spots on the globe where civilization and technology have yet to gain a foothold. Youll want to pack up your gear, hop a plane, and join the author, his son, and his ever-growing group of friends as they seek out new trophies and new stories!

About the Author:

Michael A. Engster is a German Navy veteran with decades of experience as a hunter in all types of environments around the world. He is the owner of Centerline Inc., a member of the Safari Club International, and a hunting education instructor. He is happily married with two sons and three grandchildren. He lives in Oklahoma when he isnt out stalking his latest trophy.

(2015, Paperback, 126 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review