His Purpose

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by BBIB How do you get to know your purpose? BBIB asks this question in the introduction to His Purpose, a spiritual guide that mixes dictionary definitions and scriptures with autobiography, personal maxims with biblical interpretation. God has a purpose for us all, BBIB asserts, and it is only by paying attention to his signs and signals that we can truly understand and carry out that purpose. By referencing the stories of Saul and David, the author brings age-old characters to life to show that they, too, had purposes set by God and to point out what happens when we either ignore or follow our chosen purposes. Written with passion and conviction, His Purpose offers wisdom and encouragement to those readers who may be in need of guidance and reassurance to those who know their way. Read and be inspired! ABOUT THE AUTHOR A native of Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, BBIB is a truck driver and owner operative there. He has three children: William IV, Isaac, and Benjamin. He says he was encouraged to write this book by his experiences working in the Church. He has seen how many have been in positions that have been unbecoming of their talents and characters, especially their personalities. He is also the author of Looks Are Deceiving: On the Outside Looking In. In addition to writing, BBIB also enjoys reading and being active in his childrens lives, especially in sports. (2008, paperback, 34 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review