Grumple Dean

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Grumple Dean
by Alexis Bennett

There is a faraway land where everyone is happy and full of smileseveryone, that is, except mean old Grumple Dean! He tries everything to make the townspeople as mean and grumpy as he is, but nothing seems to work!

After a while, he concocts a plan to make Boy, the happiest kid in town, sad and grumpy. But will his plan work?

Grumple Dean teaches us that being nice to others is more rewarding than tearing people down. Sometimes even the meanest old grumps can change!

About the Author:

Alexis Bennett is your average eighteen-year-old with dreams bigger than she can see. This book is the first of many books she hopes to publish someday. In her spare time, she loves taking walks and spending long nights on Netflix. Her sister has a big part in her weird humor, and she is sure it will inspire more books to come!

(2015, Paperback, 28 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review