Growing Up American

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by Amy L. Sprinkle Some peoples lives are tragedies, but Amy L. Sprinkle has been blessed to live a comedy, so far. Growing up American is a collection of true stories about a family that was poor materialistically, but very rich in Gods blessings. Some of the tales are Sprinkles own childhood memories from the 1960s, and several others are her mothers accounts of growing up in the 1940s. They both had some truly hilarious and unforgettable moments, and they had so much fun Growing up American. About the Author: Amy L. Sprinkle lives in Candler, North Carolina. She is a junior at Montreat College, and she works as a satellite technician. When shes not writing, she enjoys fishing, hiking, and anything outdoors. (2003, paperback, 26 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review