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Good and Bad Touches

By: Dr. Valencia Weaver


About the Book

Good and Bad Touches teach children the difference between good and bad touches or unwanted touches that a child may experience at an early age. The book helps parents to be comfortable in describing bad touches. The goal is for the child to tell parents if they are experiencing physical or sexual abuse or to prevent bad touches from progressing to sexual abuse. It is critical for children to know the differences between good and bad touches and to tell family members or others if they experience bad touches. Also, Good and Bad Touches educates children on who else is available to talk to if the family is unavailable and stresses the importance of knowing they can always seek help. The Wynter Skye series is a collection of fun, imaginative, relatable, and fascinating short stories. The series covers Wynter Skye’s birth, family time, baby doll bond, first day at daycare, first Christmas, and so much more.

About the Author

Dr. Valencia Weaver is a native of Brunswick, Georgia. She has two adult children named Keeniel and Mia, a granddaughter named Wynter Skye, and a German Shepherd called Milo. Dr. Weaver graduated from the University of Alabama Tuscaloosa‘s campus with a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree and a Master of Science in Nursing from Georgia State University. Dr. Weaver is also a veteran. After returning from Afghanistan, Dr. Weaver enjoyed spending time with her only grandchild. She read to her and saw her fascination with books and reading. Dr. Weaver realized that there were no African-American book series doing her generation or while she raised her children. The vision to write short African-American children’s stories based on the likeness of Dr. Weaver‘s granddaughter and family start duing her healing process and readjustment to society. Dr. Weaver wants the audience to look through the eyes of Wynter Skye and see how she sees and experiences the world around her. Dr. Weaver hopes her books will inspire you, teach your little one lessons, and give all cultures a better understanding of African-American family life experiences.


(2023, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review