For a Moment - The Best Up in Smoke

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by Sandra Baker What would you do if your older, cooler friends wanted you to smoke? Nicole was a smart and popular young lady who found herself in a dilemma when her mother discovered a pack of unopened cigarettes in her jeans. From there, Nicoles world seemed to fall apart: not only was she grounded, but she also started making mistakes in class and at school. On top of all that, instead of accepting her, Nicoles classmates and former friends made fun of the usually perfect class star. Will Nicole decide to make a change in her life and give up her new older friends? Read For a Moment The Best Up in Smoke by Sandra Baker to find out. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Sandra Baker is a retired Assistant Treasurer who lives in the Bronx of New York. Throughout her education, she has studied childrens literature, graphic design, Chinese painting, insurance, and computer programming. Sandra is a former member of the American Management Association, a freelance artist who designed logos and letterhead for private organizations, and an inventor of a patented device. For a Moment The Best Up in Smoke is her first published book. (2006, paperback, 32 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review