FANTASY OR REALITY Notes on Economics + Tomorrow

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FANTASY OR REALITY Notes on Economics + Tomorrow
by Annette Meyer

Fantasy, in FANTASY OR REALITY, often refers to incredible outcomes accompanied by life-threatening dangers involved in the continuing evolution of cyberspace. At the same time, the focus is the current economic space transformed into a time continuum on topics that shift from automated wheelchairs to mammoth-size transnational firms.

Reality, in this context, identifies facts extending from the numbers of children living in poverty, to the changing offerings of public libraries, to the astonishingly large values involved in world finance and trade.

The goals of power and wealth frequently appear to be the guiding force in many of the more than fifty topics introduced in this work. In some cases, individuals, firms, and national or international institutions have redefined terms such as efficiency, growth, and size to suit their respective purposes.

FANTASY OR REALITY is a notebook presentation that seeks to encourage rethinking toward the two economic goals that got us here in the first place: freedom and profits.

About the Author

Annette Meyer is Professor Emeritus of The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) and former Adjunct Professor at Hunter College of CUNY. Extensive knowledge of the interactions between people and institutions has been acquired through career experience in the arts, business, and educational sectors of the economy.

Previous works have been written on single economic themes and include: An I O U: Domestic / External / International Debt, Value Added / 14 National Labor Forces and Recovery S.U.S.T.A.I.N.E.D. These works and others are available from Dorrance Publishing and RoseDog Books.

(2014, Paperback, 140 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review