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Eye on the Sparrow: A Memoir

By: D. A. Gregory


About the Book

D. A. Gregory was born and raised in Queens Village on Long Island, N.Y. She and her husband of 54 years lived in Europe, Florida and Kentucky. After raising two children and working as a church and legal secretary, a preschool teacher and children's Sunday School leader, she retired and had time for her artistic painting and love of writing. Of her three children's books, the family favorite is on Amazon entitled, "Lillian Rose Wants a Turtle," based on her granddaughter's childhood wish. This, her first biography, is a poignant Memoir vividly recalling the pain and lifelong scars of verbal and physical abuse at the hands of a tyrannical father. The author's struggle with parental rejection and her doubts of self-worth and insecurity send her on a purposeful search for identity and truth. At times, love come through her mother and other relatives like beams of bright light dispelling the darkness. In young adulthood, a perceptive "messenger" was sent who saw her need and led her on a faith journey to her loving, caring Heavenly Father. This is a riveting story of overcoming and sensing God's watchful eye on His child that reshaped her destiny and turned years of dysfunction into a life worth living. So, step back into the 1950's as the author weaves the culture of that day's innocence, tragedy and tradition with childhood imagination and humorous relief. Truly, her life is a testimony to God's immeasurable saving grace, love and protection, asserting, "His Eye is on the Sparrow.".


Praise for Eye on the Sparrow: A Memoir:

Dee Gregory has written a heartfelt memoir, telling of her childhood with an abusive father and of overcoming difficult trials in her life. She is a Christian woman who tells how her faith helped her to grow beyond her incredibly difficult experiences and to share that faith with others. The story is sad but heartwarming. - Pam Collins

I thoroughly enjoyed the intriguing story of Dee’s life in Eye on Sparrow. Her thoughts flowed well and moved the book along very quickly and this made for an engaging read! Well done in every aspect. - Alice Fishlinger

Dee grew up in a very dysfunctional family. Despite her circumstances God’s mercy & grace are obvious in Dee’s testimony. Once Dee gave her heart & life to the Lord, the Lord in turn gave her the ability to forgive and blessed her with being a very successful wife & loving mother & grandmother. - Shirley Scobie

Dee’s story is a perfect example of the power of God. Such a testimony of how the Lord can take a situation that Satan meant for evil and bring such good out of it. Dee through God’s grace has been used all these years to touch so many lives with her sweet spirit and her personal testimony of how God had a purpose for her life.  - Linda Freshour

It grabs your interest in the first few chapters while remaining compelling and relatable through the final chapters. I highly recommend this book; it’s truly worth your reading experience! - Dan Carden

What an open and honest memoir! I hope writing this book and her deep faith brought healing to her life.  The title stumped me but is was awesome how she compared her life stories to that lifeless sparrow. A must read! - Jacqueline Poyner

Eye On the Sparrow is a wonderful book and  I loved it. I couldn't put it down and was blessed reading it.  I encourage everyone to read it!!  You won't be sorry. - P. Walker

D. A. Gregory has written a powerful message of growth, of overcoming difficult experiences and of faith in God. Her life experiences will be an encouragement to the reader. - Sammy Hughes
Dee Gregory has written a powerful message of growth, of overcoming obstacles and of faith in God.  Her life experiences will be an encourager to the readers." - Janice Hughes

A beautifully well written inspirational memoir on how a person's strength and faith can get one through life, no matter what obstacles must be faced.  - Christina Hughes

This book will bring many emotions to the surface. It made me laugh and cry and I enjoyed reading it immensely. - Lupe McMillan 

Gregory's novel vividly captures the vibe of the era...beneath the wholesome American dream were struggles outwardly unknown yet significant in her young life. God's sovereign care, in spite of broken people and challenging circumstances, is the golden thread that shines through Dee's story. Christ's love indeed covers all. Let the reader be encouraged that His eye is on the sparrow and on each individual! - Melinda P.


(2023, eBook)



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