Ethel the Lonely Egret

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Ethel the Lonely Egret

By Darlene J. Forbes

Friends can come in all shapes, sizes, species, and colors, Ethel the Lonely Egret learns as she searches for a friend like her. Ethel also learns that what you give to others can come back in unexpected ways; trust, loyalty, and friendship. It doesn’t matter what we are or who we are, but how we are.

About the author

Darlene J. Forbes is a mother of three daughters and a grandmother. This is her fifth book but first children’s book. Forbes loves to read, play golf and bocce, and travel with her husband. She is a self-employed wedding coordinator of more than thirty-seven years. Forbes found this sweet little egret on the golf course and has observed her for almost a year. She’s always alone and Forbes just knew that she must have a story to tell.

(2022, paperback, 36 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review