Epilectra: Book 1

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Epilectra: Book 1

By: Sue Seserman

Illustrated By: Jayme Brown

The electrifying graphic novel series, Epilectra, follows the remarkable journey of Eden Rivers, a 5th grade social studies teacher, whose life takes a shocking turn when she's struck by lightning and develops epilepsy as a result. What initially appears as a frustrating disability soon reveals itself to be a remarkable superability. As Eden grapples with her new reality, she quickly becomes New York City's newest and most unconventional superhero: Epilectra.

Epilectra Book 1 is packed with three exciting adventures: Story 1: SEEZation, Epilectra's origin story, Story 2: Up on the Roof, where troublemaker Henry takes Epilectra's story nationwide, and Story 3: River Rager, which spans from bottom of the Hudson River to the top of the Empire State Building.

(2024, paperback, 172 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review