Furst and Mayne: Book 1

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Furst and Mayne: Book 1

by eM Douglas Wade

Boer War-tormented, retired British Army sergeant and story’s chronicler, Abaddon Mayne, aids the relentless American detective, Siderus Furst, troubled by physical impairment and grieved by personal loss, in a race against time chasing desperate murdering fiends bent on capital crime in Victorian England. The two must stop the phantom maniac and his

henchman before they can sell the stolen plans for weapons of

unimaginable killing power to unwitting arms manufacturers. Will the

patriotic duo prevail and save the world? Will justice and fair play win the day, or will the call for revenge consume the determined pursuers?

About the Author

            Although born and raised in the Midwest, the author has spent the best part of his adult life living and working in New England. A U.S. Army

veteran, he served in West Berlin in the 1960s. He lives in historic Stratham, New Hampshire, with his wife, Barbara. 

            He has written poetry, a prize-winning creative-nonfiction story, and a prize-winning short story, but his passion has always been writing longer historical fiction. Wade received his Master of Arts degree in English and Creative Writing with a Fiction concentration from Southern New

Hampshire University. Even though Wade has written two other novellas, Furst and  Mayne: Book I -- The Case of the Phantom Scarface Killer, a Victorian crime-mystery-adventure work of fiction, is the first of its genre he has published.

(2022, paperback, 118 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review