Echoes of Color

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Echoes of Color
by Paulette

After tragedy hits her family, teenage Albany flees her home in Arkansas and sets off to make a new life for herself. Her reputation grows quickly as a strong, spirited woman who wont back down from a fight and who knows how to handle a gun.

Echoes of Color, set in the post-Civil War United States, is a gripping epic of one womans ambition to build a strong, supportive environment for the family and friends around her. In both her courtship and marriage to Clayton Drew (a Frenchman known as both a skillful gunman and ladies man) and her raising of seven children, Albany continually stands up for what she believes is right, refusing to give in to anyone, including her husband.

Echoes of Color will leave you crying, laughing, and gasping in surprise and sometimes all on the same page.

About the Author:

From her earliest memories, Paulette wanted to be a writer to express how humans feel, and she believes everyones life is a story. She also became a registered nurse and enjoyed assisting patients, caring not just for their bodies, but for their minds and souls as well. She lives in Laurel, Mississippi.

(2015, Paperback, 544 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review