Dash, Strong Dogs, and the Preacher-Man: A Tale for America

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Dash, Strong Dogs, and the Preacher-Man: A Tale for America
by Jim Wolfe

In the 1870s, Copperton, a town divided by racism and dominated by the misconception that God appointed the white man the superior race, receives a special gift in the form Dash, a blue-eyed Aussie puppy born under Sirius, the Dog Star.

Appointed by God, Dash, with his friends Strong Dogs and Ernest Fletcher, form a trio destined to unite Copperton under a banner of peace and love — even in the face of evil and hate — and to spread this message to the world.

About the Author
Jim Wolfe lives with his wife, Ginger, and two mini-Aussies, Dash and Zoom, in a suburb of Houston, Texas. Jim and Gin are stalwart Episcopalians, active in their local church.

Mr. Wolfe’s hobbies include camping with Gin and the dogs, writing stories, watching the Mississippi kites as they soar in his neighborhood (they figure into his next story!), and reading. Professionally, he is an Environmental Compliance Advisor, working to keep Texas’ waterways clean and healthy.

(2021, paperback, 78 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review