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Dancing on the Wind

By: Marie Scott


About the Book

Lilting or somber, Dancing On The Wind is a collection of strong, intimate, and universal tracings of life’s moments – danced on the wind. The poems whisper into quiet places, blow fierce, and swirl wild and free. Whether the prose is of loss, a flowering vine, loving encounters, a need for change in our hurting world, or an insightful exploration of experiences, Marie Scott provides an ode to our blazing orb and partners the ordinary with the deeper stillness within ourselves.


About the Author

Marie Scott lives in San Francisco, where the land meets the sea, a setting for inspiration. Writing poetry brings her solace and happiness. Scott had several articles published in BookWoman: A Reader’s Community For Those Who Love Women’s Words, a publication out of St. Paul, Minnesota.


(2020, eBook)


Ron Coulter has sent comment to you.  I’m including it here, as well.

I’ve been reading, enjoying and collecting Marie Scott’s poetry for decades.  At last the evocative content of life, in all it’s richness, is brought together and even organized in terms of thrust.  This my file has never accomplished.  What more dare one ask for a book of poetry?  Dancing on the Wind is a provocative beauty and delight.  Ron Coulter—Dramatist, Playwright, Ventriloquist, Author of a Memoir  (Sent by Ron to Dorrance directly)


Ron Coulter also sent me another comment when I include here:

I picked up DANCING ON THE WIND wondering where to begin today’s read.  Suddenly I was immersed in intimacy.  A very private inner conversation for two in the poem About Schmidt.  When I read on to the poem ending “my Robert is gone,” I wept for the sheer beauty of intimate insight, remarkable honesty and the richness of being human.  Congratulations for your bold and inspiring accomplishment.  Ron Coulter—Dramatist, Playwright, Ventriloquist, Author of a Memoir


I LOVE LOVE LOVE Dancing on the Wind  Was still reading it at 2am. Then fell into a sweet slumber.  Louise Luton—Hair Dresser, Entrepreneur


The words of Dancing on the Wind are so insightful.  They cause me to pause and think.  The format of the book design is first class.  Congratulations and thanks to the author for this treasured gift.   Glenn Ballantyne—Musician, Songwriter  


I love everything about this book.  I love the way the layout is done.  I love the fonts.  I love that you can take your hand and touch the poem.  I love the cover design.  I especially love the exquisite poetry.  When I close my eyes at the end of a stanza or poem, I feel the poem meet that apex between this world and the next and my eyes close to let that touch me deeply, that exquisite presence.  I need to close my eyes many times in reading these poems.  The poetry has a depth which allows the reader to travel to the places of the poetry, stops me and lets me breath in and be more connected.  Karla Boyd—Writer, Poet


I have 15 favorites, so far, from the lovely book DANCING ON THE WIND—such abbondanza!  Grace Hughes Chappell—poet, author of Ten Mile Creek Almanac


(No reviews yet) Write a Review