Daerkside City - eBook

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Daerkside City

by J.C. Hutchinson

About the Book

The collision of an asteroid hitting the planet has borne a new existence for humankind.

Separated into factions and living in fortresses that are mere shadows of the great cities

they used to be, corruption and destruction has left Earth a shell of its former self.


And then came the invaders.


When Rogue’s friend Swift is killed by an unknown enemy determined to change the fate

of the world in their own favor, he must gather a team of heroes to save what remains of

the planet—and maybe even make it a better place.


About the Author

J.C. Hutchinson is at his best when helping others reach their potential and goals in life.

He encourages everybody to use their special talents and gifts for the betterment of

themselves and others.


(2022, eBook)




(No reviews yet) Write a Review