Cyclist4God: A Cyclist's Search for God

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Cyclist4God: A Cyclist's Search for God

By: Matthew Rodriguez


About the Book

After almost dying on the street, Matthew Rodriguez goes through a long recovery in the hospital. The experience has made evident God was with him. A man who was working late became an obvious miracle. That was not the end of the gifts he would receive from God.

Rodriguez takes the reader through his journey as a racer through many countries, as well as the Paralympics, experiencing the people and sharing his story in the hopes it will resonate with others. Through many trials and distractions, Rodriguez keeps racing and spreading his version of the truth.

About the Author

Matthew Rodriguez loves to bring glory to God. He enjoys going up to complete strangers and talking about the amazing blessings he has received from God. He also loves to race on his bike. He has lived his dream of traveling, racing, and sharing his story with others.


(2023, paperback, 128 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review