Curse of a Lady Vampire - eBook

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Curse of a Lady Vampire

By: Jo Ann Atcheson Gray


About the Book

Fearing an immortal life without her best friend, Sophia, Annannia, the first lady vampire, converts Sophia to a vampire, unknowingly transferring to her a deadly curse. For you see, age old tradition dictates that women cannot be converted to vampires—and yet, here they are.

As punishment, seemingly for their very existence, Sophia must conceive a baby girl with a mortal male before it’s too late. If she fails, the entire vampire race will be wiped from existence! Now, it’s a race against time to fulfill the parameters of the curse. But perhaps there are greater powers at play, and secrets to unravel.


About the Author

From a very young age, Jo Ann Atcheson Gray has been intrigued by the notion of realistic vampires. So intrigued, in fact, she used to pretend to be one! An imaginative spirit, in Curse of a Lady Vampire, she explores a gritty, realistic world filled with vampires, fueled by her lifelong love of the lore.

Regardless your passion, Atcheson Gray encourages everyone to live their passion, have fun, and embrace who they are. Who says your fantasies can’t collide with your reality?


(2020, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review