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By: Alyssa Lynne Smithe


About the Book

Crimsane is a paranormal romance exploring the mysterious history of an old family home, set in Newton, Massachusetts. Caira and Sarah buy a house together and marvel at their good fortune of finding a large, beautiful home in a pleasant neighborhood. The first hint that there is more to the house than meets the eye, involves the discovery of a talisman and jewelry box hidden away in the attic.

       Then soon after, Caira is awoken by ghostly apparitions of a young girl and then by more frightening images. As the tale progresses, both women find love and romance—Caira with the handsome and charismatic Aric Broeke and Sarah with Roger Vandy a down to earth handyman. Sarah and Caira are driven to solve the mystery behind the Wycliff family—knowing they will have to leave their home otherwise. Crimsane is a fascinating story that keeps readers intrigued throughout the unraveling of this romantic thriller.


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(2019, paperback, 270 pages)


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review