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Conflict of Interest; Money Drives Medicine. And People Die.

By: Leonard A. Zwelling, MD, MBA and Marianne L. Ehrlich

About the Book

Money drives medicine. All doctors are not good. Hospitals are dangerous places. People die. With the incisive eye of those who have lived the experiences of health care delivery gone wrong, Dr. Zwelling and Ms. Ehrlich weave a frightening narrative about shocking and grievous events that occur when conflicts of interest among the staff and faculty of a major academic medical center prevail over the Hippocratic Oath, Primum Non Nocere. First do no harm.

About the Author

Dr. Zwelling is a board certified internist and medical oncologist with forty years of experience in academic medicine. He serves on non-profit boards and during his active career performed laboratory based research, patient care and the oversight of the research administration at a major academic cancer center. He is married with two sons and two grandsons.

Ms. Ehrlich developed her career in health care and human services administration at one of the world’s largest medical centers. She has consulted and written regarding patients’ rights in the context of competing health delivery systems, the race for scientific outcomes, and the often-conflictive role money plays, subverting medicine’s duty and mission to do what is right for the patient.


(2023, paperback, 606 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review