Confessions of a White American Female - eBook

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Confessions of a White American Female

By: Bobbie Green

About the Book

Sometimes it may seem there is such a divide in America today.

Issues such as religion in politics, abortion—even simple manners have changed over the years. Author Bobbie Green never thought she would see Americans who think and feel the way so many of our young people seem to think today. She sees a total lack of common sense among people and too much overreach by government into our lives.

With her book, Confessions of a White American Female, she hopes that by helping others understand  why the world she grew up in was so different from today and sharing her life experiences and insight into why things have changed in our country, she will inspire young people to want to help make America a more common-sense, united, and PC-free nation once again.

About the Author

Bobbie Green has been a world traveler, photographer, and writer for the past fifteen years.  She wrote travel columns for three Gannett newspapers for twelve years.  She also wrote travel articles for many other online and print magazine publications.

As member of the International Travel Writers Alliance and the North American Travel Journalist Association, she has won three notable writing awards from NATJA.  Before her writing career, she was a travel consultant and owned her own agency.  She has been active in her hometown community, helping to establish clubs and organizations.  Her college background consists of photography and accounting.

Bobbie is the spouse of a firefighter, and together they raised one child while living in Southern California.  Bobbie feels her own timeline of life experiences, including raised by a single mom in an era when it was not the norm,  ranging from 1942, when she was born, to present day, has given her the insight to write her book, Confessions of a White American Female.  She knew American then, and she knows American now.


(2018, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review