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Business and Personal Wisdom: A Wise King's Advice

By: Bob Biles


About the Book

In the first nine chapters of Proverbs—Solomon’s letter to his son who will be king someday—Solomon provides an astounding amount of wisdom. If the son will listen to, accept, and claim this wisdom for his own, he will be a wonderful king and enjoy the fruits of kingship. The question is, will he?         Business and Personal Wisdom: A Wise King’s Advice takes the wisdom Solomon gave and translates it into wisdom for us today using historical references and anecdotes from author Bob Biles’ career and personal life. In multiple ways, today’s world is not much different than the world of Solomon’s time. Like then, many today are shouting their ideas, thoughts, counsel, and advice on how the world should be and how others should act. In his day, Solomon found a good deal of it was simple, foolish, deceitful, or evil. Solomon would have the same option of much of today’s talk and speeches. Rather than listen to that chattering, Solomon’s sincere hope is you will hear Wisdom’s entreaties and the true wisdom in Solomon’s words and become wise.

It is Bob’s hope that the business and personal applications he has drawn from Solomon’s letter to his son will change your life.

About the Author

After working in the CPA world for three years, Bob spent the next forty years serving as the finance director or CFO for six cities and a transit agency. Besides experiencing multiple government and management styles, having lived in six of the states west of the Mississippi River, Bob has firsthand experience of regional cultural differences and a wide range of personalities.

Bob and his wife of forty-six years have three children and five grandchildren. They spend two days a week with the grandchildren (and their parents) and the whole family gathers on a regular basis. Bob and his wife attend New Hope First Baptist Church in Cedar Park, Texas, and are active participants in several activities, including a wonderful Sunday School class.

Bob has been to all fifty states in the U.S. and most of the Canadian provinces. Although there have been some special places to which Bob wants to return, those will have to wait until he gets through the list of destinations yet unseen.


(2023, hardback, 376 pages)

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(2 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Business and Personal Wisdom: A Wise King's Advice - HB BUSINESS AND PERSONAL WISDOM

    Posted by Grey Williams on Jan 10th 2024

    Grey Williams, Principal at Destera -If you like practical application of scriptural principles, Bob Biles’ book will be a treasure trove for you. Carefully and deliberately walking through Proverbs, Bob takes the ancient wisdom of Solomon and interprets it for today’s work environment. As he does so, he illustrates his points with real-world stories, including first-hand accounts, that relate directly to the points made in his analysis. This book is short on theological confusion and long on daily relevance. If that appeals to you, dive in and look forward to the sequel that is rumored to be in the works.

  • 5
    Business and Personal Wisdom: A Wise King's Advice - HB BUSINESS AND PERSONAL WISDOM

    Posted by Tony Sekaly on Jan 10th 2024

    Tony Sekaly, Regional Director, Marketing, Public Trust Advisors - Wow, what a great read. I am truly enjoying each page. Very straight forward and very enlightening using the Wisdom of Solomon and Proverbs. A must read for all managers new and and old.