Behind "The Wall"

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Behind “The Wall”

By: David Hodge


About the Book

Behind “The Wall” is a memoir of author David Hodge’s experiences behind prison walls. These experiences remind us that we do not want to waste our life in prison before deciding to live an honest, God-fearing life.

We only get one life here on Earth. Maintaining our freedom is the best thing we can do for ourselves, free to go and come as we please, free to choose our partners in life, free to manage our life. We do not have to sell dope for a living or use illegal drugs to escape reality. Society needs to stop idolizing drug dealers and praising a man for holding down a job. And the responsible ones of this country need to work on paying a decent wage to our uneducated workforce so they are not enticed by the possibilities of illegal activities. That is what fuels the penal system, folks taking a chance at the American Dream because they believe they can support themselves, family, and lifestyle with such activities.

David hopes his experiences will touch the hearts of those trying not to return to prison, those lost without a direction, and those looking for guidance.


About the Author

David Hodge is a businessman and his advice is to work that 9-5 all the while you’re putting in the legwork to owning your own business. He is an avid churchgoer. He loves church, especially the music. He believes church is a great foundation for our youth and adults returning to civilization.

Love for God is how David stopped getting high. His firstborn son is serving 30 years now, and that deterred him from trying to lend advice because he felt as if he had failed as a parent with him. We need to break the cycle.


(2020, Paperback, 120 Pages)


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review