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Anesu's Tree

By: Kristy Stevens


About the Book

Anesu's Tree is a heartwarming story about a young girl going on an exciting journey with her friend to get fruit for her family from the village's fruit tree. Anesu has a sour plum tree in her village and she finds great joy in picking the fruit and going with her mother to sell them at their local market. On her adventure, she enjoys many surprises that lead her to love and appreciate the simple things in life.

This book gives children a chance to expand their world view and discover that happiness is universal and can come in many forms. They will learn about life from the eyes of another child and discover the universal nature of joy.

About the Author

Kristy Stevens has enjoyed working for organizations with a mission to alleviate world hunger and provide awareness to the community. There are millions of children and women who are impacted by famine every day and Kristy enjoys utilizing her skills to support programs that can provide resources to families across the world struggling with hunger.

Kristy enjoys her free time writing thematic plays, poetry, and music. She believes a child is never too young to learn about other cultures, perspectives, and global issues. The literature and the arts are perfect mediums to explore strong themes and tell unique stories.


(2024, hardback, 30 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review