Andy the Alien Visits the Outer Planets

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by Jeffrey Scott Chase Andy and Zoie are so glad you could join them in their great adventure to the outer planets! Now its time to explore Pluto, Neptune, Saturn, and much more, plus the hottest, coldest, largest, and smallest places in our solar system and the many moons that orbit around them! Join Andy and Zoie as they meet a new friend, play follow the leader, stop at the mother ship to get a snack-and have so much fun learning about our solar system along their journey! ABOUT THE AUTHOR A native of Middletown, Ohio, Jeffrey Scott Chase currently lives in Morro Bay, California. He is also an artist who paints space escapes, planets, and other astrological themes. Jeffrey is a wheelchair athlete, having completed the Boston Marathon twice and many other wheelchair sports, which he has been doing for the past twenty-five years. (2007, paperback, 60 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review