All of Me: Heart, Mind, Soul, and Family - eBook

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All of Me: Heart, Mind, Soul, and Family

By: Eric L. Finnie


About the Book

All of Me is a consolidation of hand-selected poems Eric L. Finnie has written over the years that express who he is and his emotions as he travels the often-complicated road of life.

Designed to help readers walk a mile in another’s shoes, Finnie’s experiences and emotions are raw and relatable, breaking him down from his lowest moments to his highest. This is his release to the world.


About the Author

Eric L. Finnie was born in Atlanta, GA. A family man by nature, he has three grown children, Eric Jr., Danerica, and Ashante, and two grandchildren, Adrian and My’ia.

Finnie loves music and movies. He has been writing most of his life and is unsure who or where he would be without poetry.


(2022, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review