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A Slice of Death 

By: Patricia D. Perry


About the Book

Detective Jack Pirrone still loves his estranged wife, Cynthia, and now that she’s returned to Cape Cod as Medical Examiner, perhaps they could rekindle some of that old passion between them. However, Jack’s personal life must take a back seat to the murders of several young, beautiful women in the area.

A Slice of Death follows Jack as he and his team try to identify and stop a serial killer who assaults, mutilates, and dresses up his victims, including applying makeup and posing them to be discovered in the most gruesome way possible, while leaving no forensic evidence. An approaching hurricane, influx of holiday tourists, and pressure from the community and press add to Jack’s struggle, a struggle that intensifies when the killer gets too close to Jack’s loved ones. Will he solve the mystery in time?

About the Author

Patricia D. Perry is presently residing at Traditions at Christiana, a fifty-five plus Community in Delaware. She grew up in the Bethesda, Maryland area and attended the University of Maryland majoring in Business Administration and Nursing.  Patricia has always had a passion for reading mystery and true crime.  Her hobbies are crossword puzzles, enjoying Oldies, Rock and Roll music, new genres, playing cards, cruises to the Bahamas, and going to the Jersey shore in the summer with friends. 


(2024, hardback, 264 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review